Dual Crayon 'Copenhagen' Fragrance


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Our Dual Fragrance Crayon contains both Jasmine and Oud, when each end is combined they create the scent 'Copenhagen.'

In celebrating a decade of Lumilla's essence, behold "Copenhagen", a fragrance that blends Jasmine and Oud, transcending time with its captivating and contemporary scent. A symphony of allure, this scent gracefully dances on the fine line of unisex sophistication. It orchestrates a poetic balance between black and white, between the luminescence of light and the enigmatic embrace of shadows, and between the purity of dawn and the profound depths of dusk.

The Black Oud intertwines in an embrace with the delicate White Crisp Floral Jasmine, forging an opulence that is both celestial and graceful. This perfume creation is akin to a romantic ballet, a clandestine rendezvous between two souls as contrasting as day and night. The tender whispers of jasmine entwine with the smoky, enigmatic caress of oud, harmonizing in a delicate tale of balance and unity.

A fragrance that tells a story of opposites in a mesmerizing dance, it invites you to appreciate the nuanced contrasts in life. For those who seek the poetry in fragrance,  "Copenhagen" beckons—a harmonious composition that transcends the ordinary, offering a uniquely enchanting choice for those who savor life's symphony of harmonious contradictions.


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