Lumilla Gives Back

When I launched LumillaMingus (now Lumilla) in 2013, it was important to me to create a positive foot print.

This year (2020) we are proud to announce our collaboration with Kenny Vaccaro 10% of all proceeds from our Escape Collection will go towards assisting work being done in local communities and in Kenya via

Being a mother of 3 young children myself, I wanted to focus my charitable efforts and donations towards organizations benefitting mother’s and children. I launched my first bag, Lola in 2014 and I created a healing arts program at The Anne Douglas Center in Los Angeles with the proceeds. We have continued to support the program, as well as many others like Children’s Hospital LA, Homeless Prenatal Program in SF, and most recently we build a bath and shower facility for girls at the Olmalaika Home in Kenya through our Jacki bag campaign. We are extremely proud of our charitable work and look forward to many more inspiring and uplifting projects ahead.

With the proceeds from our Jacki bag campaign we were able to build a toilet and shower facility for the precious girls at the Olmalaika Home in Kenya