Lulu Eschelman, Founder + Designer

LUMILLA hand made luxury handbags are designed for the way you live. Founder and Creative Director Lulu Eschelman combines timeless design with contemporary European aesthetic, to create a truly one- of-a-kind handbag line.

What first began as a labor of love that benefitted only her closest friends and family, began to build momentum in her hometown of Copenhaghen, with word soon spreading to London, Paris and Los Angeles. When the company was featured on CNBC’s The Profit, the LUMILLA brand finally reached a mainstream audience.

Every LUMILLA product is produced with impeccable craftsmanship and quality, with a strong focus on timeless designs founded in the traditions of Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear. Rugged construction with ultra premium materials ensure that each LUMILLA bag isn’t just beautiful, but ultra-functional and durable as well.

LUMILLA bags are produced in limited quantity, and we encourage our collectors to sign up with us in order to reserve a bag from our next collection.

Go boldly,

Lulu Eschelman